About Shahrazad

In the early years after the imposed war, he seriously entered the field of advertising. Shahrzad’s first experience in this field was designing and implementing Golestan tea advertisements, and now he was planning to introduce his new packaging to the audience, and it was during this period that Apple products had just entered Iran, but there was no knowledge about it among the people. However, Shahrazad was able to work with these equipments thanks to being a student of Professor Katuzian, and the day he was planning to buy one of them, he was able to get acquainted with this project and take responsibility for it.These two projects became the best excuse to deal with the concern he had for a long time regarding creative advertising and find a way. He expresses his concern of those years as follows: “Shams says: We have a word that touches the heart and we have a word that touches the flower.” What is creative advertising? What happens that sometimes happens and sometimes not? What is the creative advertising technique? And how to define the border of creativity with superficial and meaningless concepts for the audience? Read, search, learn and apply: in advertising, the path to reach the creative message is the rail on which creativity moves, perhaps many times we have to design the path of the creative message step by step so that it goes in the most effective way. and sit in the hearts of the audience.

The experience of these years was pleasant and satisfying for him, because despite the limitations, both in terms of equipment and the use of different concepts and techniques, he was able to make Golestan tea still shine after changing a thirty-year-old packaging, and Apple products became a familiar name for designers and activists. Become the field of graphics. Every day it progressed and soared to the point where it received various awards in this field and Darug became one of the best advertising companies in Iran. Years of continuous cooperation with each of the customers was a testimony to the success and professionalism of the collection that Shahrazad created. It was built with love and a lot of energy.