About Shahrazad

It was the last years of the imposed war, he was working in his father’s office, which was closed due to the conditions of those times, he found the catalog of a Jagen Burke box gluing machine. On the inner pages of the map were boxes that the machine could glue. Each of the maps was the size of a 2 x 2 cm square, but it was a treasure for him, from these he learned geometry. His line understood volume and it was here that he fell in love with this kind of design science. The following year, he met Professor Kamran Katoozian and worked in his office for 5 years as a specialist in packaging design.Packaging is the meeting place of science and art. On the one hand, it must respond to all the scientific and quantitative aspects of marketing and branding, and on the other hand, with the elegance of art, create an understandable and attractive message for the product. That is why packaging design in today’s business world is an inseparable part of other factors that develop brand identity.
Shahrzad strongly believes in the potential and need of the private sector for a combination of this science and art, people who can bring them to the design program and reliable designs without trial and error and heavy losses. A skill that has a correct understanding and perception of the brand, the need of the addressee, the market and the world of competition and its effect on the correct packaging design. Packaging design is one of the important elements in brand development, which must be considered when dealing with brand values.