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How did it happen?

Shahrazad Esfarjani’s real documents (pre-curtains) that have caused the transformation of brands.

I am writing this, only because the managers later talk enough about their successes, but they do not say a word about what happened to their way of thinking to stop the past behavior.

The question that came up was, why was it not progressing while the consumption of coffee and its types in society was increasing day by day and Multi Cafe was able to respond to this market? The fact that the factory was equipped with huge ovens to turn the fresh coffee bean extract into powder! A complete production line of instant coffee powder with all the intelligence and unparalleled production capacity in the Middle East!

The messy situation of sachets with images of the Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower and London, the very inappropriate sales position, along with the messy situation of classic coffee, which was only sold with the help of milk powder promotion, left many questions.

These were the questions that I was assigned by Multi Cafe (the main shareholder of Part Sazan Company) to find their answers in 2014:

Why are we still subsidizing after 8 years of establishing a factory with such greatness, ability and high technical knowledge of production managers?
Why not the real numbers for investors, even though the sales figures show a modest profit? Should we blame the consumption culture? So why are other brands developing?
What should we do to create a suitable and worthy position for the Multi Cafe brand?

They allocated me enough budget and time to analyze and observe the market and I was able to get enough information from several main bases of the brand position (product/price/location/promotion) in the first stage. In the next step, we looked at the entire experience of the buyers, from the taste to the expectations they had from the brand (the details are in the attached report).

And I had gone to the point where I came across new categories of contacts and gave them creative names. Like #immigrants-to-the-world-of-coffee

Al-Qasa: In December 2015, I presented all the summaries and brand guide at the final presentation meeting.

Of course, I had many challenges from within the organization. Many points were analyzed to claim the conclusion and platform of the brand. I have a recording of those days, I was shaking at the beginning because I was in front of the main shareholder and the most senior managers. But we worked on this project for months, if I want to express the final result and proposal in one word, on the day of the meeting in December 2015, we had printed some key slides and pasted them on the board, when I came to the main claim. And I announced: Multi Cafe, from seed to cup. Involuntarily, I took the picture and put it back on the table and continued talking. But my main employer got up, gently picked it up and placed it in front of them and sat down. I felt relieved and said from the bottom of my heart that with his approval, everything will change. In fact, all these words and complete solutions until the end

They would be effective on the condition that they stand to implement it. My knees got stronger. I understand that now we can talk about the path of communication from packaging to values.


A few days ago, I saw this new package from Multi Cafe in the market. I happily bought it and the next day I read a report about the coffee market and the significant improvement of Multi Cafe.


It is true that many managers in that organization have tried to achieve this, but it is a matter of pride that I started the solution for the development, architecture and worthy position of Multi Cafe somewhere in 2015 and today I have witnessed the support and standing together of the managers of the organization to realize it. I am

In this section, interested young people or managers can find the depth of research, market analysis, buyers and even sociological shift that shaped my argument for this big claim of the mother brand. In the next section, you will find the design development guide and product campaigns with all the agendas.

This link is the interview of my colleague and dear friend Mr. Farhad Jamalpour, Marketing Manager of Multi Cafe. They successfully and skillfully carried out everything that was compiled in the strategic document of the Multi Cafe brand from 2016.

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